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The country of origin for Israelis is a politicized question. Here are the 2008 statistics from the Israeli government: CBS, STATISTICAL ABSTRACT OF ISRAEL 2009 (pdf). As I read the report, the majority of Israeli Jews as of 2008 were born in Israel.

3,884,600 Israel born
1,639,000 born abroad

For a historical view, I'm looking at the numbers compiled by Paul Burstein, Professor of Sociology, at University of Washington, for a lecture: WHO ARE THE [JEWISH] ISRAELIS? (pdf). Between 1919-5/1948, 90 percent of Jewish immigrants to what would become Israel came from Europe and the U.S. Between 5/1948-1961, 47 percent came from Europe and the U.S.

I think the answer to why more European Jews didn't immigrate to Israel after statehood is pretty obvious. During the Holocaust, 90 percent of the Jews living in Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Baltic nations were murdered by the Nazis. Overall across Europe, an estimated 67 percent of European Jews were killed by the Nazis.

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