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it's poisonous atmosphere of hatred present in many I/P debates - that's why many reasonable people I know prefer to steer away from them. But such atmosphere is more common in Muslim world (naturally), Israel iself, Europe (because of Holocaust), Russia (because of memory of pogroms) and US and Canada (due to affluence of Jewish diaspora there).

Here in Asia many people are unaware of complexities of Jewish question or even Nazism in those regions of the world. "Fascist" is abuse hurled by political opponents, especially at the door of right wing nationalist parties BJP and Shiv Sena. I saw in Indian magazines cartoons of their leaders depicted as Nazis. I remember my teacher on Buddhist philosophy, famous lama-rinpoche from the line of hereditary governors of Kham, Eastern Tibet, was preaching Buddhist values and taught how to avoid all unnecessary conflicts. One girl in audience (from Prague in Czech republic) asked him "How we should not argue with the followers of Hitler?". "Hitler who?" asked in turn rinpoche and added "even with followers of Hitler you should not argue unnecessary". Students from Europe were not satisfied and on the next lesson after conversation with European translator he backtracked somewhat. But I was thinking how inadequate "words" may be in teaching, it was his whole personality, radiating happiness and seemingly simple and problem free way of life which taught students more about Buddhist values.

by FarEasterner on Mon Jun 7th, 2010 at 04:34:03 PM EST
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