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I of course also appreciated FarEastener's diary and commend him for beginning a translation here, and that goes in spite of my own criticism of the Russian's take on the topic, lacking as it did a sufficient appreciation of Israel's prime mover over the past four decades: the colonization of the remainder of original Palestine, and how that shaped the neighborhood in the Middle East.

As for diary commentary, I have no idea how many visitors actually take the time to read it, but I'm certain that some do. But that the debate leads to come resolution or other I doubt, except maybe in some minds.

Most visitors, I suggest, focus on the frontpager stories and possibly the rec list diaries. I noticed that MyDD now has the option to look at comment numbers, recommendations, and "views." That kind of data permit one to get an appreciation for the real interest in a diary. We don't get that kind of feedback here or at Booman. It would be helpful, because as I switch through these different parameters over there, it is not uncommon to see views of a diary exceeding 20 times the number of comments. So we always need to remember that number of comments is not a good measure of the interest in a diary.

Finally, let me say that I was sensitized to Jerome's concern that the site not be overwhelmed with IP diaries, and I can appreciate that. I asked for feedback on the issue but never received it. So I would suggest that administrators not put too many IP diaries on the rec list, and not leave them on the list for excessive periods.

by shergald on Thu Jun 10th, 2010 at 09:07:01 AM EST
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