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There is a lot of practice with minority government around the world, but it is not a local tradition in NRW or Germany, so all sides have to learn to live with it (or head for new elections). Which leads me to ask: how did the first few minority governments fare in Sweden? Was there a bumpy ride?

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by DoDo on Thu Jul 15th, 2010 at 01:52:19 PM EST
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Yes it was quite bumpy.

Sweden changed system in the years around 1920 from limited suffrage and FPTP to general suffrage and proportional representation, making minority governments more common. In the 1920ies Sweden had 9 different governments, making the 1920ies by the most volatile decade in swedish history. In the 1930ies it settled down as the rules had been worked out, and the soc-dems had established themselves as the dominant party.

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