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And the much loathed "National Debt", F, is a positive item until overwhelmed by the bezel, the perceived risk of which is represented by R. In effect, the thing that most on the right wing hate is the possibility that, collectively, the bezels will overwhelm and kill that which some are embezzling. This COULD be a positive and shows that much of the problem is the result of a total lack of understanding of national accounting by most people, including some accountants. (The local teabagers are led by an accountant!)

What most do not understand is that it is their largest allies that are doing the most embezzling and that the hated national debt actually stands for the monetary value of the society in which they live. How patriotic would it have been to loathe War Bonds during WW II? Not only did they help finance victory, they helped underwrite the postwar economy.

What should be loathed and prosecuted is the fraud that has been allowed to pollute the national debt and the whole society, but, because government has been identified as the problem in the minds of so much of the public, there has been insufficient outrage at the actions of the fraudsters.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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