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My difficulty is not with your exposition of Double Entry Bookkeeping but with the concept of DEB itself as taught, as I understand, by Economists based, as it is, on out of date mathematical philosophy -- if you will.  

[Lyapunov] showed that a sufficient condition for local stability was that the real parts of the eigenvalues for [a Jacobean] matrix be negative.  It was a small step from this theorem to understanding that such an eigengvalue possessing a zero real part indicated a point where a system could shift from stability to instability, in short a bifurcation point.

Mathematics of Discontinuity

Thus the quantification of a firm using DEB is nothing more than a snapshot of the firm at a particular moment in time having unreliable predictive value over time.  

And the unpredictability stems directly from "the cash flow and production/consumption" since they are the dynamic mathematical parts of the DEB equation.

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by ATinNM on Mon Jul 19th, 2010 at 01:25:54 PM EST
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