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Little is likely to change so long as political power remains concentrated in the hands of today's economic elites. This is because the basic order of a society is created by the ruling elite to suit their needs. They will adapt the system as best they can to prolong its usefulness, but the present system has built to such a crisis that collapse is the most likely.

The only way out is for a new elite to create a superior system. Such a system should be sustainable and provide social justice. This is eminently possible, but there is no reason I can see to that it is more likely that such a system will in fact emerge than that we will see a far more dystopian outcome.   Given the rampant lack of concern for others characteristic of so many of the leading political and financial sector figures and given the habits of mind and heart for billions of people that tend towards submission to arbitrary authority, we could just as likely, if not more likely, go down the path of a decades long collapse of what currently passes for civilization while the climate tips into a super interglacial period and population collapses to a small fraction of what we have today.

Significant resources are required to change the political agenda in any way. Until and unless individuals with such resources embrace such a plan because they do not want their descendants living in the more likely dystopia the outlook is grim. And if one or more such individual does emerge it will be difficult to be certain they are genuine.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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