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Thanks, Charles.

Your comments have generated some interesting discussion at http://www.eurotrib.com/story/2010/7/3/103031/5670  (not all of it as critical as you might expect from Bloggers who often see themselves as an emergent alternative to the MSM).  The blogging community on the European Tribune could fairly be described as news and comment junkies, so I think, long term, The Times has a problem if they all regard the Times disappearing behind a paywall as not much of a loss.  Many would have spent time reading The Times (if only to critique its perceived Eurosceptic and neo-liberal economic biases) and some might  welcome any loss of influence which might ensue from any such "disappearance".  But if The Times simply stops being noticed (positively or negatively) by such emergent opinion formers then I think it has a long-term business survival problem. In the long term, as Keynes observed, we will all be dead anyway, but I would give this paywall experiment less than 5 years.  (The Irish Times paywall survived a couple of years).

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