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No need to apologise for reading The Sunday Times. I can remember when - 30 years ago - the did serious investigative journalism in N. Ireland.

(spilling tea on a keyboard can have more serious consequences)


The MD of one of the companies I spoke to said that one of the characteristics he was looking for was - quote - 'humility.' Which seemed to mean some ineffable combination of nice person-ness, combined with a willingness to do crap jobs for long hours for nothing.

Nice description - everyone needs peons to do the crap work - although humility and the ad business do not form a ready association in my experience.  The one thing that pissed people off at work most is when others (usually their boss) stole their ideas and claim credit for them.  The really good bosses always gave credit, but I lost track of the number of times a junior would make a suggestion at a meeting which was ignored and then greeted with acclaim when repeated (without attribution) by a senior sometimes even later in the same meeting!


So - given that Murdoch's Great Paywall of Fail can only crash and burn, don't be surprised if he tries to spin off some new new media effort which farms bloggers and content makers in return for a pat on the head and a bit of attention.

He already owns MySpace, but he's going to start losing money on that soon.

It's going to be interesting to see if tries to do something creative, or if he simply decides to keel over and die.

Arguably commercially sponsored blogs already farm bloggers for content, market share, and ad revenue in return for ...v. little.

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