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1) On the technical side, site quality makes a huge difference. The Times lost a huge amount of ground on the internet when they created a really clunky site with a bad commenting system.

You (Frank) suggest the new paywall site is maybe even worse - that's going to hurt them some more - fewer people will pay for painful reading.

  1. It's worth noting that the economics of Murdoch's UK newspapers have been pretty shaky for a while - except perhaps The Sun - the play to remerge them with SKY TV (and maybe add the papers to the SKY subscription) is a wildcard for now.

  2. The Times (like all papers) is read these days as much for Sports and Lifestyle as for News - and there's little sign that Sports and Lifestyle articles and commentary are in short supply, even if you put a pile of papers behind paywalls.

  3. On "the man from Paris" - others have covered some alternative models (e.g. TPM) - the big problem for him at The Times is that their correspondents are a pretty small part of the newspaper. Larger parts are reprinted press-releases and wire reports.
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