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If the logic of expansion is to integrate our neighbours because we share borders, then - as I said - we'll soon be integrating China.

No we wouldn't. Russia basically stops at the Urals - after that, there's a couple of thousand kilometres of tundra before you reach urbanised areas again. Even if Russia were interested in joining the EU, which I would not take for granted, we'd have to go through Iran, Pakistan, India and Indochina to get a natural border with China.

If differences in income among neighbours are unsustainable, then how do you explain current differences in EU-African incomes given that we've been neighbour for how many thousands of years?

By noting that (a) until about two centuries ago, there was no really noteworthy difference, (b) the differences only reached their present order of magnitude about fifty years ago.

The observant reader will note that this coincides pretty much precisely with the period during which (a) the European energy footprint expanded monotonously and (b) Europe and North America developed global empires. Are you willing to bet that we can maintain similar disparities in the face of a collapse in our ability to maintain global imperial control?

You want me to explain the cultural differences between Europeans and North Africans?

Yeah, I would. Mostly because I'd like to see whether you can point to actual differences, or you're just going to trot out the lazy right wing agit-prop about the Scary Muslims.

- Jake

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