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Since you asked, I'll tell you what I found 'off' in your statements:

Firstly, the difference in wealth between European states and North African states does not go back only 50 years and is not only a product of imperial control of energy resources. African companies can buy energy on the free market the same way as Western companies which buy energy the same way as Chinese companies - which today are the world's largest consumers of energy. Do the Chinese have imperial control of energy resources? No. I'm digressig...

The difference between European and African wealth goes back hundreds (if not thousands) of years and is a product of the quality of land, labour and capital use, the level of development of trade & commerce and the nature of the social order (laws, governance, infrastructure, ...). Just check out your history books.

Regarding the cultural differences and scary Muslims (as you refer to them)... It seems that as soon as one is not praising Muslims, one is a right wing Nazi bigot. It's like being branded a "homophobe" just because you're heterosexual.

You can ask the Armenians, the Greeks, the Copts, the Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo, the Christians in Lebanon, the Jews in Iran or the Belgians in Molenbeek whether they fear Muslims and many will tell you that they do. Does that make them Nazis? In your books, it would seem so.

And finally, coming back to the real issue here, which is the nonsense of propagating the merits of EU-N.African union... I'll just say one thing: it would be absolute folly giving North Africa's + Turkey's 280M people almost equal voting rights in EU institutions on issues pertaining to our way of life (retirement, investments, taxes, resource allocation, social orientation) given that our cultures are so different and that the priorities of our two societies are so different. If it's'a LONG term project, then wake me up in 500 years when it's on the agenda (if we're still around). It's such a no brainer really.

by vladimir on Mon Aug 30th, 2010 at 02:51:32 PM EST
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