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As I said, there are three fundamental reasons why North Africa and Turkey should not be considered for EU membership:
  1. Economic: the financial burden on the EU would be enormous, resulting in a decreased standard of living for many, many decades, while investments are poured in to these regions in order to modernise their industrial base and infrastructure.
  2. Cultural: Islam is a vector of intolerance towards non Muslims (which most citizens of the EU happen to be). It has been in the past. It is today. It's written in the Koran and preached in mosques. Sharia is officially used as the source of criminal and civil law in most of these countries... which is of course, incompatible with our Western European traditions.
  3. Political: governments in North Africa and Turkey are authoritarian in their spirit and their practice. In short, they are light years away from European democratic models and are anything but supportive of freedoms of thought and expression.
by vladimir on Tue Aug 31st, 2010 at 02:39:47 AM EST
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