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Catholic Sharia? You can't be serious. Besides abortion being banned in Poland under the pressure of the Church, to my knowledge, the two situations are anything but comparable. First, the Polish Constitution does not put Canon Law of the Vatican above National Law! Second, the Polish government doesn't fund Canon Law courts to arbitrate civil and/or criminal cases. What are you talking about?

So, North Africa is rich in natural resources and the EU needs to integrate this region so that we can avoid colonial expropriation of their natural resources. How noble! I have a simpler idea: the EU can enact a law which levies a 100% tax on all energy imports from North Africa and finance development projects. Then everyone will vote for you because we'll all be paying 3 Euros a litre of gas instead of 1,50.

If I understand correctly, you're suggesting that the legal, political and religious system in these countries will have to adapt to EU norms before they can be admitted to the Union. In other words: we're gonna tell them how to organise their governments and run their societies. That's a neo-colonial idea if ever there was one. I have a simpler idea: focus on putting your own house in order before telling your neighbours where to pee.

by vladimir on Tue Aug 31st, 2010 at 01:42:22 PM EST
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