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I typed "as if" in response to your remarks. I also modelled with examples the scope of specificity that I hoped you would add in your reply to furnish stereotypical claims about "North Africa." I seek information from you that recognizes variances in economic and political conditions among the nation-states said to comprise that region.

Similarly, I seek some specificity in remarks that characterize division of the continent as "North Africa" and "Black Africa." While I am well aware of the convention in Anglo-European Literature to segregate historical "Arab" settlements from others, south of the Sahel, the significance of this language of preference among economic partners for European "integration" is not immediately clear to me, considering historical, economic relations between "black" nations of "West Africa" and sub-Saharan Africa and imperial Europe up to and after wars of independence.

So, no. I do not refer to the Economic Community of West African States or to the West African Economic and Monetary Union. My article selection is not arbitrary; it offers a context to evaluate the extent of cultural and economic privileges enjoyed by "protectorates" today which may distinguish nominees.

By refering to a particular group of nation-states that complement the arbitrary division of the continent into "North Africa" and "Black Africa," I seek to understand better your criteria --being stereotypically representative of antiracist France, as it must be-- for EU election of trade partners in Africa to EU "integration."

Please do not hesitate to say if proximity and port facilities of partners to EU borders are the crucial criteria, after all.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Aug 23rd, 2010 at 02:46:00 PM EST
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