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Unless something bizzaro happens in the few remaining districts:


Lost 6 seats:

Moderata Samlingspartiet + 10 for 107
Centerpartiet -7 for 22
Kristdemokraterna -5 for 19
Folkpartiet liberalerna - 4 for 24

Left Block:

Lost 14 seats:

Arbetarepartiet-Socialdemokraterna -17 for 113
Vänsterpartiet  - 3 for 19
Miljöpartiet de gröna + 6 for 25 and became the 3rd largest party in the Riksdag

The big winner was the Sverigedemokraterna who went from no seats to 20 and increased their vote from 2.9% to 5.7%.  They also, I'm guessing, effectively blocked Alliance from maintaining their majority as they went from 178 to 172.

From the Usual Suspect:

Moderate Party leader and prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said he plans to approach the Green Party for support in forming a government and he "hopes they are responsive" to his overtures.

Although earlier this evening:

Green Party co-spokesman Peter Eriksson reiterated that his party will not work with the Alliance to form a majority government, but left the door open for possible cooperation with the Liberal and Centre Parties, calling them "natural" partners.

"It is not realistic," Eriksson told The Local after he and co-spokeswoman Maria Wetterstrand addressed the rapturous crowd at the party's election headquarters on Sunday. "We have very good politics with the Red-Green parties. There is a very big difference with the Alliance."

The Liberal, Center, and Greens have a total of 71 seats so they provide the majority for either the Moderate or Social Democrats to form a government.  

Meanwhile, the Moderate Party is screwed as long as the Greens refuse to join the coalition.  Alliance doesn't have the seats unless they rope in the Swedish Democrats AND keep the Center AND Liberals in the coalition.  From what I'm reading: Lot's o' Luck.

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