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to be learned from coalition politics in New Zealand. I'm not suggesting that there's anything to emulate but...

NZ's 120 seat parliament is elected in a system somewhat similar to Sweden's (PR with a 5% cut-off)

There hasn't been a one-party majority for a while. There have been colourful and entertaining negotiations, generally involving centrist parties changing camps. The last election was close, and the current government is a strikingly odd coalition : the main right-wing party with a small far-right coalition partner, and a confidence-and-supply agreement with the Maori Party. They had been part of the left bloc, and sold out in exchange for some specific policy areas. (the Greens had half-heartedly considered some sort of arrangement, but it was never going to fly)

Just saying...

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by eurogreen on Tue Sep 21st, 2010 at 12:34:58 PM EST

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