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To add a further parallel: I didn't mention in the diary what happened in 2004. Before, rooftop solar benefited from a direct subsidy, the 100,000 Roofs Program. This had a goal to install 300 MW, which was exceeded in 2003 and the program terminated. So experts and the industry called for an increase of feed-in rates to prevent the collapse of the industry.

At the time, the right-of-centre parties, which had a majority in the upper house of parliament, were pre-occupied with the wind power boom, and demanded a slashing of FIT rates there -- and thought it would be a nice compensation in the eyes of voters to support photovoltaics at the same time. Alas, now that new installations by that industry grew 30-fold from 2003 to 2009, they panicked, indeed...

By the way, do you have any numbers and/or links on installation stats in France?

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INSEE numbers  : Photovoltaic electricity production, in kTep (thousand tonnes equivalent petroleum)

Production : 2008  2009  2009 (to August)
Photovoltaic    2     4    14
Wind          349   489   667

This indicates the scale of the acceleration, and the very low base. In the 6 months to June 2010, France added 510 Mw of photovoltaic generation. Compare this to the more than 2000 Mw added in Germany, in the month of June alone...

So the reason the French government panicked is that it set its targets very low indeed.

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