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Regarding Aubry, the Sarko camp found a way to attack her:

France24 - Socialist leader accused of hypocrisy over Roma expulsions

Martine Aubry has been vocal in her opposition to French government policy, announced at the end of July, of dismantling illegal traveller camps and "repatriating" their non-French inhabitants, mainly to Romania and Bulgaria. Both countries are members of the European Union.

...On Wednesday, right-leaning daily Le Figaro published a letter written by Aubry's lawyer on July 19 to the main court in Lille, asking for an order for police to evict forcibly a Roma encampment in the northern French city.

... Aubry hits back

Aubry was quick to defend her actions and distance the "evacuation" of the Lille camp from the government's more hard-line policy of repatriation.

..."We do not want to be complicit in repatriations," she said in a statement, with the exception of cases where there is a serious security problem with certain individuals "which is certainly not the case in this instance".

Aubry said that the administrative court at Lille had cancelled the expulsion from France of 11 people who had been arrested recently, on the grounds that "illegal occupation of land does not constitute a risk to public order".

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