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Sorry, I fail to see the link with the Silicon Alley area in Manhattan with mostly Internet advertising companies like DoubleClick.

If you're referring to warrantless wiretapping, the only telco headquartered in the NYC area is Verizon; AT&T is based in Texas and Qwest in Colorado. OK, it was a San Francisco based AT&T engineer who blew the whistle on NSA monitoring facilitated by AT&T.

If you're focusing on Google, Facebook and Twitter, then you surely meant "Silicon Valley"?

Of course (further hairsplitting), Twitter being based in the city (San Francisco), some would say they're not in the Valley itself, but that's close enough :-)

For the sake of completion, we may note that Google has already challenged government issued subpoenas in 2006 (DoJ headed by AG Alberto Gonzales).

by Bernard on Sun Jan 23rd, 2011 at 06:58:04 AM EST
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