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instead of the current system of state and individual.

The state is just a front office of the relation to individuals. Then, of course, the question is: What is behind the state? Who controls the state, or what the governments are really working for?

If you look at Eastern European governments, their serious work appears to be taking care of international investors: monitoring post-bubble private debt payments, assuming new public obligations. Things may not be very different in free-er worlds. Sure, not every investment banker is a winner, but that does not mean that a banking oligarchy has rather safely us all working for them. If you look historically, the Medici controlled Italian princes and their ministers, and the Rothschilds supervised 19th century European governemnts, rather less openly. Why the trend would change?

Yesterday I leafed through a "Newsweek" issue. One subheadline read: "Banking is politics by other means". Or can we say: politics is banking by other means? Ha ha. An other headline is: "Retiring In The Red". That's the pension reform you deserve?! Other article claims that Europeans (particulaly Germans) are fed up with government as well. So we know what's coming. And a jewel joke I found there (but no web link to a short article) was a bank analyst anticipating European Tea Parties...

by das monde on Mon Jan 10th, 2011 at 01:26:15 AM EST
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