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Ah, so Eva Joly is the centre of gravity of the Greens. I thought she was the star personality we selected to raise our profile in the presidential elections! It's just as well we didn't select Monsieur Hulot, the sudden change of the centre of gravity of the party would have been quite a lurch...

Would you care to give us the benefit of your research as to the writings or pronouncements on economics of Joly which are in contradiction with the vast body of Green economic writing, or of the Party program itself, which are all quite homogeneous? Or is it like a venereal disease, transmitted by contact?

To be clear :

  1. I doubt that you will be able to demonstrate that she is heterodox on economic thinking
  2. even if she were, she would not represent the "centre of gravity" of Green economic thinking, which is well-established and very different indeed from right-wing or centrist economics.

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by eurogreen on Fri Oct 14th, 2011 at 09:13:46 AM EST
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