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The old policy was quite markedly different from that. It was, since the ÖB plan of 1947 as follows: maintain a strong airforce to shield NATO from the reds (Sweden is half the NATO-Warsaw pact front, lengthwise) and prevent/delay/weaken a seaborne invasion until all naval strike assets are spent. Then, fight bitter rearguard actions on all fronts, giving them up eventually, until only the corridor Stockholm-Gothenburg remains. Keep fighting for time and this critical area until the US Marines land in Gothenburg (and possibly in Trondheim/Narvik), when the counterattack begins.  

This was spelt out very clearly in planning documents until the early/mid 60's, after which the planning was kept secret for reasons of political correctness. Still, anyone with a map could figure out what the plan was. There's an astounding amount of operational planning out there, like how our only cruisers for some strange reason in the event of war would keep the SLOC's between Britain and Trondheim open, staff exercises with the US Marines parachuting over Kiruna, our airfields were strengthened to receive heavy NATO bombers, in the event of war the chief of the navy would immediately launch a government-in-exile in London or Washington, and so on ad infinitum.

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