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From the above linked quote:
YANIS VAROUFAKIS:  What is happening at the moment is an inability of the political class and the political elite of Europe to handle and to manage a process of disintegration that began with the great - the Global Financial Crisis a few years ago. The euro system was never designed to sustain such a major earthquake and now it is collapsing. The political class is not up to the task of shoring up, of injecting cement into the foundations of the euro system. And the tragedy is that the euro, however badly-designed and ill-conceived it might have been, if it collapses in the effects few weeks, months, whenever, is going to drag down with it the whole concept of a European Union. Europe is going to turn into a postmodern 1930s of everybody hating everybody else, or the war of all against all, hopefully not a war involving tanks and machine guns, but at least a process through which the peoples of Europe, instead of finding a common home and a common interest, they indulge in a kind of Hobbesian tit-for-tat between themselves.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."
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