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Require by law that all entities enjoying limited liability have boards composed equally of shareholder representatives and employee representatives (elected by secret ballot. One employee, one vote) with the same privileges and voting weights.

Limited liability is for real people only: A company must be held to account for the liabilities of companies in which it holds stock, proportional to its ownership share.

95 % tax on all income above ten times median, to discourage excessive remuneration of management.

Management to be "deemed to have known" of any and all activities in the company, unless it can prove to the satisfaction of a court of law that it was actively and criminally mislead by a subordinate. "He didn't tell us" does not suffice. "We asked point-blank and he lied about it" does not suffice. "We had the auditors go through the books, and he had cooked them so well that the auditors couldn't find anything" might suffice if the books are cooked well enough to credibly fool competent auditors.

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