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Throwing some ideas out, off the top of my head:

  1.  Raising the starting level income tax to $22,350, the US poverty line.  Other countries will have other starting levels, depending on the basic Cost of Living in the individual company.  

  2.  Return to a progressive income tax structure.

  3.  Dividend payments should be non-taxable to equalize their tax consequences with debt.  

  4.  Institute a national sales tax on all financial transactions.  

  5.  Minimum 10% flat rate on non-financial corporation income.  Some percentage of this will be returned to the local communities where the corporation "does business."  (That last needs work!)

  6.  Minimum 15% flat rate on financial corporation income.  Some percentage of this will be returned to the local communities where the corporation "does business."  (Again, needs work!)

  7.  Institute a Single Tax (per Henry George) to be used solely by local governmental bodies.

  8.  Institute Ecological Taxation.

  9.  Impose a tariff on imported goods and services based on the average wage paid in the exporting country and the average wage in the importing country.  (To remove "labor wage rate arbitrage.)

  10.  Companies that issue anything but "plain vanilla" investment securities must place 110% of the risk-value of the security in a quasi-government body.

10.A.  The members of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held personally liable for second or third party losses arising from the issue of "non-plain vanilla" securities.

10.B.  The holders of "non-plain vanilla" securities have no claim on the underlying asset(s) of these securities.

  1.  Any entity must pay a yearly fee to engage in Future and Spot commodity trading.  

  2.  An entity engaging in Financial transactions greater than $100,000 per annum must pay a yearly fee.

  3.  If a publicly traded company is taken private that company has a five year ban on issuing new financial instruments and new bank debt assumption will be limited to 15% of the stock market valuation of the company six months prior to the date of privatization.

  4.  Social Security, pension, and private retirement account payments totaling, from all sources, under $50,000 per annum are non-taxable.  Above that they are taxable at the standard rate for their income level.

  5.  A national Sales Tax of 5% will be charged for purchases made across State lines.  (This is directed specifically at the US.)

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by ATinNM on Sat Nov 19th, 2011 at 02:01:46 PM EST

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