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But isn't it having it both ways? If you want to explain everything with deep structural processes - I think that is basically right - how can you at the same time invest a single election like 2000 with that much significance.

And in your expectation of Gore you almost talk like a stereotypical Obama critic: The president can do this or that. The amount of policy Gore could have effected with a republican congress would be somewhat limited.

Because aside from the socio-economic trends the structure of the political system, in this case the US, matters too. And the american system is resistant to change in an unusual degree. In many - not all - other countries meanwhile one parliamentary majority can change what another made.

One poster on Dailykos had once a sigline: The supreme court matters! Very valid in the context of discussing the value of any democratic above any republican president. Not valid in most other countries.

And so some of your arguments are not valid outside an american context.

by IM on Sun Nov 20th, 2011 at 04:38:12 PM EST
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