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Compared with the 2008 results (73% participation, 44% PSOE and 40% PP out of votes cast with 11 and 10 million votes respectively) this means that between nearly three million voters will sit it out, that the PP will gain less than half a million votes and that the PSOE vote will collapse to under 7 million votes, below its 2000 result. Also, the combined PPSOE vote will go from 61% of eligible voters to 49%. About 700,000 people more than in 2008 will vote for third parties. In terms of seats, out of a 350-seat parliament the move will be from 169 PSOE and 154 PP to maybe 195 PP and as little as 110 PSOE.

Impressive! 700,000 more votes for 3rd parties! And some of these are right wing. Of course after several years of PP management, the centralization of power, and the encouragement of the Franco-sentimental-right, we should be on the fucking verge of a left wing tsunami! Keep holding your breath.

by rootless2 on Sun Nov 20th, 2011 at 08:29:40 AM EST
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