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They way one steers the debate in the right direction is by making the case, not by handing power over to the right which they will use to further limit the range of permitted discussion. JakeS has it backwards, however. The fringe right reserves 90% of its energy for advancing its own case and attacking the left and moderates. The fringe left, however, is all about attacking the "betrayal" of moderates and each other. One notes that the instances in which right wing extremists urge their voters to stay home are few and far between - and their enthusiasm for symbolic gestures is minimal. The right is about power, what remains of the left is often about striking a pose. Imagine that the PSOE had been in the position of the PP, running a campaign utterly bereft of concrete proposals. The sound of angry "left" demands for specific promises would be high pitched indeed. And yet, the right knows how to play the game -  even though their actual policies are not liked by a majority.
by rootless2 on Mon Nov 21st, 2011 at 10:13:14 AM EST
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