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The thread was becoming one-word-wide, so reply to rootless2:

You produced no evidence whatever for your assertion that the debt brake was designed as a gimmick. It was and is part of Merkel's requirements for eurozone partner countries in the German my-way-or-the-highway "solution" to the crisis. If you were following European affairs at all, you would know that.

I also pointed out that blocking it was facilitated by a considerable electoral victory for the PS and the French left as a whole, which now limits Sarkozy's power to obtain constitutional amendments. That victory is the culmination of a long process of winning and consolidating local and regional power. Hardly an image of the powerless "left" you excoriate, in which, to judge by your scorn, you include the French Socialists.

This is strange, considering that the PS is a centre-left party of government of the kind one might expect, in the light of your arguments here, that you would support. But finally, what is the "point" you are bringing to this discussion? Anything beyond "Go USA!" and "Obama Rah-Rah-Rah!"?

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