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IU (united left) is left of PSOE and will go form 2 to 8-10 seats in the parliament.

Equo is a new green left party - they could pick up 1 or 2 seats.

UPyD is a splinter party top-heavy with formerly-PSOE-allied intelligentsia. It will go from 1 seat to 4 or 5. It's questionable to what extent they are to the "left" of the PSOE. Their original rallying call was opposing Zapatero's compromising stance with the peripheral nationalists. The fact that under ZP's watch ETA ended their terrorist campaign, as kcurie says in the diary, no longer matters much to anyone. UPyD is austere, just like the PSOE and PP, because they want to be "serious".

No right-wing party will gain seats other than possible the Catalan ugly party.

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