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Double treason in this Dolchstoss from Hollande, since he and all the opposition have to be constantly ordered to stop being Germanophobic, which God forbid Sarkozy could ever be.

Except that during the 2007 campaign, the candidate Sarkozy came out with the following, on three occasions in major public speeches:

Quand le candidat Sarkozy était accusé de "germanophobie" en 2007 - LeMonde.fr

"La France n'a jamais cédé à la tentation totalitaire. Elle n'a jamais exterminé un peuple. Elle n'a pas inventé la solution finale, elle n'a pas commis de crime contre l'humanité, ni de génocide"

(9 March 2007, Caen; and 17 April, 2007, Metz)

"[La France] n'a pas commis de génocide. Elle n'a pas inventé la solution finale."

(30 March 2007, Nice)

France has never given in to the totalitarian temptation, has never exterminated a people, did not invent the final solution, has committed no crime against humanity or genocide...

No reference to Germany, of course.

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