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I'm not sure I understand what the problem is. EU institutions already play a key role in enforcing Eurozone and Schengen rules even though they don't apply to all. The UK also got an opt-out on Lisbon in relation to the Charter of human rights.  Does this invalidate the role of the ECB or European Court in relation to the others?

On the other hand, if the UK really got obstructive about this, what is to prevent the EU26 from "downsizing" the current Commission to one room in the Berlaymont and creating a new one for the EU26? (The UK should be happy that all that bureaucracy and administrative red tape as been demolished).  Effectively the UK would be sidelined.

My greater concern about an "inter-governmental" Treaty is not that it has any lesser force than an EU Treaty - the EU treaties are also inter-Governmental in Nature.  The problem is that such a Treaty would further undermine existing EU institutions in favour of an intergovernmental Troika effectively led by Germany France, and the ECB.

And whatever about the UK being sidelined if it doesn't play ball, a small debtor country like Ireland doesn't have a chance of influencing outcomes in the new arrangement.

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