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On 2, 2007/8 is a convenient starting point because of the banking panic. The 1970's crisis didn't have the characteristics of a panic.

On the other hand, David Graeber in Debt: the First 5000 years does set 1971 (Nixon abandons the gold standard) as the start of something new.

As for 3, there's this:

Four, good things are still happening. It isn't all doom and gloom. In the Long Depression, some countries were largely unscathed. New technologies and industries were being created. The telephone was invented, and the foundations of new industries based on the petrol engine and electricity were put into place. The people who got it right still made huge fortunes, and the workers in the right industries prospered. Overall, however, times were hard. And you had to position yourself carefully.
You have positioned yourself "correctly" in renewable energy finance, so...

tens of millions of people stand to see their lives ruined because the bureaucrats at the ECB don't understand introductory economics -- Dean Baker
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