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The crisis/meltdown has hit the EU energy budget. Apparently EWEA is not pleased with this amount of funding.

EU R&D Funds Puts 2020 Targets in Question

Under the proposal, all non-nuclear energy gets only 7.5% of the research budget - 6.5bn Euros out of 87.7bn Euros. Nuclear alone gets 1.8bn Euros for just five years under Euratom - as well as additional funds for ITER (and even a slice of the SET Plan).
The European wind industry was counting on 1.3bn Euros of EU research funding for wind, but today's announcement makes that impossible. Even the full 6.5bn Euros for non-nuclear energy (of which the SET Plan is only a part) is not enough to cover all SET Plan needs.

Clever of them to announce after conference participants disbanded.

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by Crazy Horse on Mon Dec 5th, 2011 at 03:32:00 AM EST

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