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Of course, technical development by its nature is not always successful.

Sway floating test model sinks off Norwegian coast

Sway said the test turbine, which was launched early this year, was only designed for a maximum wave height of 4 metres. Data collected by NREL showed wave heights of 6.3 metres.

According to the company, a full-size version of the model would be able to withstand wave heights below 26 metres. It was installed in March. Sway Turbine, a sister company of Sway, is developing a 10MW turbine that could use the floating platform.

Development of floating turbine technology for the global industry is quite important, because no where else in the world do we find a giant underwater pool table like the North Sea. In many places around the world, one can't find thousands km2 of <45m depth. If you want your turbines invisible to coastal tourism, you've got to deal with the drop-off of continental shelves.

Naturally, such advanced design efforts tend to be focused in lands where the existing commercial industry is not as active. Very serious efforts are being made in Norway, Portugal, and significantly in the US.

Don't give up the ship, Sway.

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by Crazy Horse on Mon Dec 5th, 2011 at 07:05:01 AM EST
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