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No, this is not bait and switch. I was not responding to monbiot, but to one of his main sources (yes, i began digging.)   HERE

Heavy emphasis upon why renewables can't carry the load. And yes, my argument has the benefit of brevity, and the current presence of reality undergirds how well it's constructed. Yes, 100%, 100% of the time, when renewables includes smart demand-side measures.

The drop in cost of PV is just one signal. No experts thought it would happen so quickly, though i was shown exactly how costs would come down while visiting a silicon cell factory in 1977. We wasted three decades.

And as far as transportation fuels? Ban the burning of fossils and see how fast the new technologies arrive.

But this is why i called for a diary. Fast breeders are promoted first as an energy source, with the side effect of eliminating waste, no matter what monbiot says.

PS. Who gives a shit that some people don't like to have windmills around. They are the ones who like to breath coal dust, or eat irradiated sushi. The facts are that most areas don't have enough wind, so wouldn't have windmills.

The real argument is simply, do you want a sustainable world or not. if yes, just get going to build out renewables, and the rest falls into place. prove me wrong?

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by Crazy Horse on Wed Dec 7th, 2011 at 03:56:33 AM EST
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