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administrators are fattening themselves off of tuition, along with sports coaches and a distinct minority of faculty, mostly in the hard sciences who do research with commercial application (humanities faculty OTOH have been screwed). students do struggle, and administrative costs do need to be contained, in concert with a massive expansion of public subsidies, and an overall redirection of funds within universities from administrators, sports programs and for-profit research centers.

none of that is right-wing, it's reality, at least out here in CA, where my tuition has gone up 400% in less than a decade at the same time at the same time as executive pay has skyrocketed and faculty/staff get less pay for more work with crappier working conditions and no dignity.

and that's before they pepper-sprayed my classmates in the face.

wanting public universities to serve the public good is not a right wing meme. opposing privatization and the executive class enriching themselves off of public institutions is not a right wing meme.

by wu ming on Sat Dec 10th, 2011 at 02:54:51 AM EST
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It's a right-wing meme that's been peddled across the country and has now thoroughly infiltrated the minds of the left wing in the USA.

Studies show that costs are not rising fast.

Administrative pay accounts for less than 1% of the budget in the Cal. system for instance. Faculty are making less than ever before since there are now only 34% in full-time positions as opposed to 75% a generation ago.

This meme is pernicious and it's part of the right-wing attack since lefties have come together to blast schools for raising tuition, going so far as to argue pell grants and student loans allows schools to inflate prices and refrain from controlling costs. The reality is totally different.

Lack of state funding explains the tuition rise, not increased costs.

On U. Cal's page:

In 1990, the State contributed $16,000 per student.
In 2007, it was $9,500.

By 2010, another $1.15 billion had been cut from the state budget. Current state budget is now $2.6 billion.

Average salaries for faculty have gone up from $51,000 in 1985 to $79,000 in 2001.

Cal-Berkeley's total budget went from 1.224 billion in 1997 to its current 1.59 billion in 2010.

When you look at the increased costs of new technology, much higher health care costs for employee insurance, coupled with deep slashes for state funding, you realize that this accounts for the fast rise in tuition and fees.

So where's the savings?

In 1990, 76% of faculty across the nation were full-time.
In 2010, 34% of faculty across the nation were full-time.

Then look at # of classes offered and class sizes. That's where the so-called" fat is being cut, though of course no one mentions that it's not 4 years of schooling anymore, it's 5 years if you're lucky.

by Upstate NY on Sun Dec 11th, 2011 at 02:56:26 PM EST
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