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S you argue that Ireland - one of the richest countries in the union - should get a special dispensation to a low corporation tax policy?

Firstly - there is no question of a "special dispensation".  Corporate taxation (and most other forms of national taxation) are outside the scope of any EU Treaties and so any attempt to force Ireland to change its rates is not a function of the EU, but of imperial dominance by more powerful nations seeking to impose their interests.

Secondly, my argument is that the manner in which commercial rates are applied in Ireland is inequitable, capricious, regressive and economically inefficient.  It is a matter for Ireland, and Ireland alone, to remedy this if it so chooses, and my suggestion is a revenue neutral rebalancing from struggling to profitable businesses.

Thirdly, you are correct in identify a trend for peripheral EU states to lower their rates - I suggest this is because that is the only way they can compete with the larger powers - and so in the absence of a fiscal transfer Union, this is a trend which will indeed continue.

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