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I watched an English language version of a recruiting film for the Saudi Army while installing video projectors in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1984. At that time recruitment was directed to the sons of the poor, bedu, farmers, etc. The title was "To Be A Man!" At that time one would still see old sheiks with somewhat threadbare dress "capes" over what had been the standard dress before the then ubiquitous "thobe". There has been huge change in SA in the quarter century since then, but many of the officers and non-coms in the SA military would have had their careers start back then.

With that sort of start in life the step up represented by the military is likely to make such personnel both loyal and conservative. If they were or could be convinced that a crowd of protesters was under the influence of or composed by outside influences they would most likely shoot. If not, I would not want to venture a guess.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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