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Blog of the week: A revolution that suits Morocco - Bikya Masr

By Mariam Altiji, a Moroccon blogger. This piece was originally sent to the Arab Union Blogger in Arabic.

I am following the debate on February 20th, the set date for Morocco's march and I am concerned.  I am repeating to myself, "Do we not deserve an uprising that suits us?"

Dense fog wrapped the call to protest, political parties leaders' calls reminded me of the many protests that often have turned into a chance to flex political muscles and settle scores.

Out of past march experiences, I expect that each participant is now getting ready, mobilizing their followers to make it appear that they are the owners of the revolution and the more entitled to it. But I also expect them to wrestle over the leadership of the front row of the march, and this is how our marches became vessels to their likings.

How will this change on Sunday and the speeches that are being used here and there does not promise a big change. Even in some human circumstances, occasions, were we were supposed to rise above political colors, it did not happen.

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
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