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Where do you get that this was a "doctoral thesis" and "reviewed"? It was a paper for a conference at Illinois State. As for review, the conference seems to have voted on the many papers presented. This one, "Making the Pipelines Conquerable", didn't make it to the top three undergrad or grad papers. It has not been otherwise published, being available only as an MSWord document.

It contains little in the way of evidence other than vague association of ideas. To take the example you quote, presumably approvingly:

http://webcache.googleusercontent.com etc...

Meyssan also asserted that the Albert Einstein Institution is backed financially by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)[10] and that in September, 2002, Sharp trained members of Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Council to return to Iraq, and that Sharp organized the leaders of Sumate to demonstrate against Hugo Chavez after the failed CIA coup in April of 2002.  Not ready to accept Meyssan's thesis and his notes, I searched for additional conclusions.  Although Meyssan might be discredited by some due to his questionable 9/11 conspiracy-theories, it has  become increasingly clear that more mainstream reports have accepted Meyssan's reservations about how Sharp's theories and his organization, the AEI, are being used to further western control and interests.  In a recent Counterpunch article, Paul Craig Roberts, discussing the fact that the Foundation for Democracy announced funding for the "promotion of democracy and internationally -recognized  standards of human rights in Iran"  adds, "By now we all know what that means.  It means that the US finances a "velvet" or some "color revolution" in order to install a US puppet.[11]   Mark MacKinnon,  twice-winner of Canada's top reporting prize, recently published (both in the US and Canada) his book on the subject that also describes "the links between these democratic revolutions and the forces that are quietly reshaping the post Cold-War world."[12]

As an example of "more mainstream reports", we have the single instance of Paul Craig Roberts in Counterpunch making a general point about the "color revolutions" and specifically tying it to

Paul Craig Roberts: A Religion Divided Against Itself

neoconservative Kenneth Timmerman, head of the Foundation for Democracy, which describes itself as "a private, non-profit organization established in 1995 with grants from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to promote democracy and internationally-recognized standards of human rights in Iran."

Paul Craig Roberts does not mention Gene Sharp, though the writer of this paper insinuates that is what he is talking about. "Research" providing "evidence", not.

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