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Not so much laziness, as finding other things a lot more interesting. For example, more details about the trade unions, their internal politics, and so on. If anybody has detailed information, it would be interesting to discuss it here: I've managed to find very little (I've tried the Egyptian press using Google translate, but I don't know where to even begin to search). After following them for the first week or so I have absolutely no interest in watching the  MSM catch up with the facts.

But as for the MSM, with, I admit, very superficial knowledge of what they've been writing for the past week or so, your sarcastic "too late and not enough" actually contains some truth. Too late, since most people form their opinions from the initial coverage. Not enough: where are the background stories on the individuals involved? (This time I'm serious - if the NYTimes has such stories I really would like to see them). How many people even here are aware of the scale of things? Close to a third (I seem to recall 28%) of the workforce unionized. Literally thousands of labour protests over the past few years. The quotes you give don't really give a feel of the scale (I apologize if this is elsewhere in the article - not laziness this time, but the lack of a login and password....). It just struck me that the amount of time wasted on a unclear conspiracy theory concerning Gene Sharp (not the discussion of the institute itself which is very interesting, but the specific accusations in the case of Egypt) was completely out of proportion compared to the more important issues.

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