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Similar here in Australia. Small and middle size businesses are straggling and we are talking Australia where (so they say) economy is still in great shape...
But...I can see "for lease / sale" signs all over the place (not that much in Sydney and Melbourne but still...) and I have a quite a few friends owners of small business and they are really struggling and are trying to survive "until"...everything is back to prosperity (if ever) or until they reach pension time or...
My daughter has a small business and all tho she is doing OK things are pretty quiet. I do not know if people can get finance but there is no logic to put yourself deeper in the debt while business is going down and you have fewer customers and work... As for big guns we can all see (on TV) that they are doing great...

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by vbo on Wed Feb 23rd, 2011 at 07:02:32 PM EST

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