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Another point, along this line of thought, is that If the objective is to reduce the amount of blood shed around the world (without necessarily eliminating it), I see no reason why it would be a bad thing for the DOD to adopt tactics a bit more along the lines advocated by Sharp, as opposed to the usual squad of assassins. Literal or literary.

State of mind:
As one travels across an 83-year long arc of life, the view probably changed. Time might disperse the communal fog of a national obsession with anticommunism, and perhaps reveal the need for another focus, another objective less bloody, more in tune with human needs, human compassion.

Just speculating.

In my case, I listened in rapt attention to the broadcasts of "I Led Three Lives". It took Viet Nam, and a bit of tear gas to clear my vision.
 It was, in fact, not until I began reading ET and such as Naomi Kline that the relationships among the Chicago School, Ayn Rand, Cheney and Rummy, and the rouges' gallery began to clarify a bit.

Change is good.
Certainty is death. Like taxes.
-- Unless you're a major campaign contributor corporation    

Capitalism searches out the darkest corners of human potential, and mainlines them.

by geezer in Paris (risico at wanadoo(flypoop)fr) on Wed Feb 23rd, 2011 at 12:54:58 AM EST
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