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The last time the SINDO frontpaged a Quantum poll - it was 1 200 respondent phone poll to landlines.  The margin of error of such a poll is astronomical - if done properly - and there was no mention of any of this when they discussed small movements ion trends - they quoted FF at 8% and gave no figures for the other parties!

The current constituency polls are also apparently phone polls to landlines only (excl. the vast majority of younger voters who have mobiles only).

And the analysis crap.  On the figures given Ivana Bacik will easily beat Mary Mitchell O'Connor (FG) assuming a reasonable transfer rate from Gilmore and also more transfers from Boyd Barrett and Ciaran Cuffe.

The last seat is actually between Mary Hanafin (favourite) and Mary Mitchell O'Connor on those figures, but that doesn't fit the FG landslide headline.

Like you I wasn't sure if John Drennan is for real - doing his editors bidding whilst knowing he might well provoke a backlash and the opposite result.

I would be interested in doing an expose on "Quantum Research".  Online I can find no more than an address at the Arthur Cox building. I never buy the SINDO - but do you know if the print edition gave any more details on the methodology of the polls?

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