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The ur-problem, as I see it, is the global electric power system is a crazy patch-work, cobbled together with no sense of an over-all design.  Additions to existing power generation infrastructure are bought, built, and attached to the grid are decided using political and economic criteria (read: bribery, corruption, and corporate profit) with little thought given to engineering and system design.

A second problem is the manufacturers of goods and services using electric power are able to capture "externality" profit because they are not billed for the increase in electrical power their goods and services demand.  Thus they do not have any incentive to lower or limit the electric power needed to power their product(s.)

A third problem is illustrated by the ceebs' posted quote.  Supposed experts and objective commentators are incapable of critical thinking.  Nuclear power generating plants have never been forced to pay for the totality of all costs, from the medical costs for the increased cancer rates of the local population where uranium mining is done to the costs of long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel.  Nuclear power is only "sustainable" (sic) IF these costs are excluded in the cost/benefit analysis.

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