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If they are contemplating ground strikes against the forces attacking Benghazi they will need Forward Air Controllers - as I mentioned earlier - with current target intelligence to direct the attacks.  They will want to first locate, target, and destroy anti-aircraft weaponry attached or integral to the ground forces around Benghazi, Zintan, Misurata, and along the supply lines.  

The regime started off with:

In 2009 the [International Institute for Strategic Studies] estimated that Libya had Crotale, SA-7 Grail, SA-9/SA-13 surface to air missiles, and AA guns in Army service. A separate Air Defence Command has SA-2, SA-3, SA-5 Gammon, and SA-8b Gecko, plus guns.

Reported anti aircraft artillery includes Soviet 57 mm S-60, 23 mm self-propelled ZSU-23-4 and ZU-23-2, Czech M53/59 Praga, and Swedish Bofors 40mm guns.

These are, mostly, outdated Warsaw Pact era equipment, in suspect operating condition and not all that effect against modern aircraft.  However, there is a lot of it and if enough junk is thrown into the sky they are bound to hit something, eventually.  

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