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Diplomat: France blocked any NATO agreement on airstrikes until the Paris meeting | Atlantic Council

From Steven Erlanger and David D. Kirkpatrick, the New York Times:  Even though the leaders at the Paris summit meeting were united in supporting military action, there were signs of disagreement over how it would proceed.

Two senior Western diplomats said the Paris meeting, which was organized by [French President NicolasSarkozy, may actually have delayed allied operations to stop Colonel [Muammar] Qaddafi's troops as they were approaching Benghazi. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment on the matter.

The initial French air sorties, which were not coordinated with other countries, angered some of the countries gathered at the summit meeting, according to a senior NATO-country diplomat. Information about the movement of Qaddafi troops toward Benghazi had been clear on Friday, but France blocked any NATO agreement on airstrikes until the Paris meeting, the diplomat said, suggesting that overflights could have begun Friday night before Mr. Qaddafi's troops reached the city.

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
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