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It seems that, for once, the actions of "The West" has the support of the Arab street. At the very least the military actions of the first three days and nights have forced Gadaffi to pull back from Bengazi, which he might well have taken without the actions and where he would almost certainly inflicted great loss of life had he succeeded. And by destroying many of his tanks and artillery and by disabling and/or suppressing his air units we have seriously weakened him. Except for Gadaffi apologists, that seems to be an almost wholly unmitigated good.

As for the rest of the uncertainties posed by the imposition of the NFZ and the ground attacks, nothing in life is certain. If Gadaffi manages to survive or if a new government runs amok, at least The West did what it could and did not stand by and allow a massacre when it had relatively low cost options to prevent it.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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